Mental Strength: Six Strategies to Overcome Adversity

Mental Strength: Six Strategies to Overcome Adversity

Completing an Ironman and cycling across America have taught me many life lessons. They have both brought me to my knees at some point, and forced me to fight my way to the light. Everyone at some point in their life will have a challenge. Whether they sought it, or life brought it to them. 

Regardless, here’s my advice on how to overcome adversity with mental strength.  

Believe in yourself 

The most important lesson is believing in yourself. Listen to others who say you can’t, and use that as fuel for success. 

There will be people that question your ability, drive, and motivation, but only use this to push yourself farther and harder. Whatever you do, never stop believing in yourself. 

“If you have a body, you are an athlete,” Nike Co-Founder, Bill Bowerman. 

Treat failure as a learning opportunity 

Every failure provides a lesson. Every loss, failed attempt, and disappointment will shed light on how to perform better next time. 

Evaluate the missed opportunity, correct the mistake, and try again. 

Set Goals and Plan

Create a plan and break your dream down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals. If you’re trying to run a marathon and you can’t run one mile, then your daily goal should be to run a mile or ¾ of a mile. Then a mile a day or two later. 

Have a structured plan, but be flexible and adapt when you need to. 

Inspire Yourself 

When you’re trying to achieve something great and the world is seemingly against you, it will be difficult to find inspiration. But you must. 

Watch your most inspirational videos. Listen to inspirational songs or speeches. Read inspirational stories. Gain inspiration from where you know you’ll find it. And eventually inspire. 

Be Relentless 

When you have a goal or are facing massive adversity, you must attack it with all your might. Live and breath your fight. 

Fight with passion. Do what you need to. And keep doing it. Keep fighting. 

Refuse to Give Up 

Just do. not. quit. 

Don’t quit. Your mind will tell you to quit at some point. But don’t quit. It will get easier.

It’s that simple.