Five Easy Ways to Eat Less & Still Feel Full

Five Easy Ways to Eat Less & Still Feel Full

Unhappy with your weight and body fat? Chances are your diet is the reason for this. Some of us are taught to eat everything on our plate (and sometimes more) growing up. That can be detrimental to our health if we aren’t careful.

Here are our top tips to curb hunger and eat less, while still feeling full and ensuring you're eating a nutritious amount of food daily. 


Eat More

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Contrary to the title of this article, eat more. But more of the lower calorie dense & more nutritious foods like spinach, cucumbers, and green vegetables rather than higher calorie dense foods that don't fill you up (ice cream, fast food, processed food).

Loading up your plate with vegetables will help curb hunger. As a rule of thumb, because I eat A LOT, I pack half my plate full with vegetables. 


Hydrate More

Our bodies easily and often confuse hunger with thirst. Staying properly hydrated and drinking at least half a gallon of water a day is a good rule live by.


Log your Food 


Using a food journal can aid in weight loss according to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which showed that women who used food journals lost on average 6 lbs. more than women who don’t.  

A food journal maintains accountability and makes you think twice about snacking on something unhealthy and processed. Using a food journal each meal requires discipline, courage, and persistence, just like any other habit on the list. 

Put your Fork Down, or Use your Weak Hand

Develop a habit of eating slower. One way of doing this could be putting your fork down after bites, or using your weak hand. Other ways might be drinking more water in between bites or eating with the opposite sex. 
Regardless, focus on eating slower, letting your body digest the food and listening to your body when you’re full. 

Supplement with a Protein Shake

As a personal trainer, I would often have clients struggle with overeating after exercising. I always recommended using a protein shake thirty minutes after working out.

Not only does this help your muscles recover faster and grow more efficiently, but it will help curb your hunger with little calories (our shake has 29 grams in it).