Amino Acids Explained in Under 150 Words

Amino Acids Explained in Under 150 Words

What are Amino Acids? 

Amino acids are components of protein which are critical to the body. 

Amino acids are classified as essential, conditionally essential, or nonessential depending on several factors. There are twenty amino acids which your body needs, but only nine which are classified as essential. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, therefore any piece of food that has protein in it, is made of amino acids (e.g. meat, lentils, nuts, tofu, etc.). 

What do Amino Acids do? 

They perform core functions and repair muscle tissue. Each amino plays a different role in the body; certain ones affect skin and hair, whereas others regulate blood sugar levels.


Amino acids are necessary for good health - not only for muscle recovery, but a variety of functions. In today’s world with various foods and supplements, deficiency is easily avoidable. Check out our plant-based protein powder to get all your twenty aminos.