10 Habits of Highly Fit People, According to an Ironman

10 Habits of Highly Fit People, According to an Ironman

Everyone envies them, especially during the summertime, but let’s face it, being fit and healthy isn’t easy. It takes dedication, discipline, and consistency to be truly fit. 

Here are ten habits of very fit people: 

Health is a lifestyle

Treat health as a lifestyle, not as a weight loss method.

Fit and healthy people don’t just become fit overnight, they’re dedicated to it and treat it as a lifestyle. Diet, exercise, sleep, and hydration are all intertwined. Focusing on just one thing won’t produce the same result as all of these factors combined.

Eat consciously

Eating is planned out, and for many tracked. Whether it is through a food diary or understanding what you're eating daily and keeping healthy habits. Mindless snacking on chips and other unhealthy treats are avoided unless on cheat days.

Wholesome, Natural Vegetables & Food


Healthy people load up on vegetables. They’re filled with vitamins and minerals designed to put you at your best. Highly fit people find creative ways to enjoy them if they don't already.

Exercise is enjoyable:

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It’s key that if you’re exercising 4-6 days, you enjoy it and do what works for you. Whether it’s swimming, biking, yoga, or lifting, healthy people understand what works for them and try to add variation in.  

Beneficial Sleep Habits

The most fit people have strong sleep habits which aren’t undervalued. They understand how much time they need to sleep, and don’t oversleep.


A large focus on water intake and the right amount to ensure peak performance daily. Water isn’t replaced with soda, excess coffee, or other artificial drinks. Juice would be natural and not filled with sugar.



Highly fit people understand that cheating is needed. Whether they follow the 80/20 rule, or have their own way, certain days and meals are reserved for cheating, and enjoying it!

Pre- and -Post Workout Nutrition

A focus on pre- and -post workout nutrition is planned out to improve the workout and increase recovery speed. 

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Consistency is Key

The world’s most fit people understand that consistency is key. On and off doesn’t work. It’s a lifestyle built off the foundation of powerful habits and discipline. 

Recover After Falling Off the Horse

No one is perfect. Falling off your diet or exercise routine may happen, but don’t let it get you down. Just get back up and keep going.